Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Training Day 3... UNCLE!

My goodness... I feel like I have been hit by a train.

Monday, the PFT was a challenge, simply because I pushed myself.

Tuesday, really wasn't that bad. It was a circuit course that was really based on our own pace, but it was high repetitions of specific sets.

Today.... Sheesh! For some reason, I am getting SORE from Monday and Tuesday and then we ran a circuit course where we are competing against other platoons. We really pushed ourselves again and man are we sore!!!

Academically, we covered Combat Operational Stress and had the Course Director come in and talked with us about awarding our Marines and creative ways to build morale in those who really do good work. What a dynamic speaker!

This Academy is run by and attended by ONLY enlisted Marines. No commissioned officers are involved at the school-house level. Our SgtMaj is the director at the school and he is absolutely a dynamic speaker.

Semper Fi,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handy-man Scouts/ Tumbling

Tonight was the night the boys began earning their handy-man pins for WeBeLoS. They really seem to enjoy that program.

We took their bikes and some tools. We got under the hood of Mr. Ben's truck and learned about fluids and where they went. We took some skate-board wheels off and tinkered around with our bikes. FUN, FUN, FUN.

Meanwhile Katelyn went to her tumbling class. She is taking it to supplement her cheerleading class and teach her some basics that will help her in most athletic activities she gets involved with. She really enjoys those kinds of things.

Colleen and I have been given the opportunity to teach the FireProof curriculum at our church. We have already watched the movie and are now going through the lesson plans. Seems to be a good set of principals it is teaching. Not to toot our own horns, but this stuff is really second nature to us. Keep the communication lines open, talk early and often and really, really take care of the other person's needs first.

Now it is evening time and time for Dad to do his "homework"... blogging is more fun!

Semper Fi,

Training Day 2

We covered Force Protection stuff today. Good classes over all, but still using some of the old manuals. We as a class recommended them updating the publications and had some good overall discussions.

I really am learning more from my peers than the discussions.

Then there was the PT for the day. Not too bad considering... My quads are feeling it, but other than that, I am doing GREAT.

Following PT was chow, followed by a discussion of the Marine Corps Reading Program. I am not so sure this is what it is supposed to be anymore. We need to take a glimps back every now and again so we don't make the same mistakes, but enemies adapt. They change. Their changes require us to change as well. When presented with a screw, we need to use something different than the same old hammer.

Semper Fi,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Training Day 1

Finally all the checking in is complete and we conducted training today.

After arriving at 0630 and turning in our auto-biographies, we had our first class at 0700 on the Marine Corps' Body Composition Program and Military Appearance Program. That class was mostly guided discussion with a little lecture thrown in.

At 0900 we kicked off a class on nutrition and overuse injuries. That too was mostly guided discussion but where our knowledge ended the instructor was quick to pick up and fill in the gaps.

1100 was chow time and 1200 was show-time for the Physical Fitness Test.

The PFT was a standard PFT, but the instructors were really strict on following the letter of the order... which I think is Great. I got a first class PFT again, scoring 233 out of 300.

T-Day 1 is now in the books. I think this is going to be a good course, but only time will tell.

Semper Fi,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Advanced Academy Day 1

Today was the check-in day for the Advanced Academy. As is Marine Corps custom, I checked in, in my "Alpha's". Colleen wanted to get a picture of me in my uniform, so here you have it.

I checked in at 0617 this morning and then waited until 0930 for the in-brief. After that, we were dismissed until out "SNCO Social" tonight at the All-Ranks Club on Camp Johnson at 1600.

So far, it has been a relatively simple check-in process. If this keeps up, it just may be a good course.

Semper Fi,