Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Oki!

We are on Okinawa, Japan! First time here and first time stationed overseas as a family. The language is VERY different and it seems everything is more complicated.

We are staying in a hotel off base, so we are having to interact quite a bit more with the local populace, to get stuff done.

We purchased the first of two vehicles today and that was quite interesting. Tomorrow, we should purchase our second one.

There are numerous little bases over here and it seems you cannot do much with out going to another base to do it. Most people live on one, but there is no commissary on that one, so they have to go to another base. The chapel they would go to is on a different base all together. Work is on a different base still... even the elementary school and the middle school are on two different bases (and why wouldn't they be...).

Not that any of this stuff is a big deal, it is all just different to what we are used to.

I actually start working next week sometime, well at least until the housing office calls and offers us a house. Once that happens, we will need to start the process of getting moved in and getting our stuff unpacked.

Work has been extremely flexible with me. We have an Awesome sponsor as well. Our sponsors are a family who are assigned to take care of us and make sure we have transportation to get done what we need to do. It is a great concept. We are very blessed and thankful to have them as our sponsors.

Well, more to follow!

Semper Fi,