Saturday, February 19, 2011

High Speed Vessel (HSV)

The HSV is how we got over to Korea this last time and how we got back. 

It is a really neat vessel... basically a HUGE catamaran on jet-ski's. 

The ride over there, the seas were pretty rough and I would say a majority of the Marines got sea-sick. 

It is not really that bad of a ride.

The inside has seating, similar to that of an airline; the seats some-what recline and are set up in rows with aisles in-between.  There are no stewardesses, but there is a mess-deck we man ourselves and can use if we think ahead to bring food. 

As for the ride back, it seemed to be a much better trip as far as the sea states were concerned.  We experienced far less sea-sickness and I must say, morale was MUCH higher! 

Semper Fi,